Dead Confederate

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By Sarah Mudler

The swarthy crowd eagerly awaited Athens, Ga.-natives Dead Confederate in the heavy air of Chicago's Double Door on Sept. 22. The venue is widely recognized to hipsters as the setting for John Cusack's beloved flick High Fidelity, and for housing definitive rock monsters such as Cheap Trick, the Rolling Stones and Smashing Pumpkins.

On tour in support of their recent release Sugar, the Southern alt-rockers are led by the raspy vocals of Hardy Morris, and filled in by guitarist Walker Howle, bassist Brantley Senn, drummer Jason Scarboro, and keyboardist John Watkins.

The buzz around this band was obvious as the 550-capacity room was filled with all the local players, including journalists, promoters, label representatives, and booking agents who were all tucked in among über-fans and regulars. Proudly sporting their ridiculous truck stop T-shirt finds, the angsty rockers took the stage as their hallmark eerie up-lighting cut through the smoke-laden air. Opening the set with an Officer May cover of the grunge-meets-noise pop favorite "Smoking In A Minor," the small room was immediately filled with screaming guitar licks and crushing cymbals, all to the howling crowd's delight.

These guys are your friends first and foremost. They want their fans to have a good time, which is made evident by their at-home southern attitude and onstage banter. Midway through the set, they broke into the well-known "The Rat," from their debut album Wrecking Ball, as the crowd, dotted with '90s-inspired flannel T-shirts and Mohawks, banged their heads in approval. Other crowd favorites were the wailing "Heavy Petting," as well as Sugar efforts "Run From The Gun" and "Giving It All Away."

With no need for long pauses, the guys blended from one song to the next with the ease of a band that has been together since their high school days — they didn't even use a set list, but instead just knew where each other were going after years of honing their chops in venues all across the world.

Toward the end of the night, frontman Morris questioned the mellow crowd in his thick Southern drawl, "You guys still doing alright? Are ya'll drunk yet?" as the crowd raised their beers in approval.

Closing out the set with their trademark grunge rock anthem "Tortured Artist Saint," Dead Confederate left the stage vibrating with rock awesome.

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(A Midwest girl at heart, Sarah Mudler joined The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter in 2004. Coming from a Detroit rock background, she has expanded her musical heartstrings to include everything from pop to blues to jazz to gospel, and even a little country now and again. She can be seen haunting the local Chicago venues almost every night of the week, and is currently the Senior Project Manager for the Chicago Chapter.)

(Photo information: Dead Confederate perform at Double Door on Sept. 22 / Photo: The Recording Academy)

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