Christopher Tin In The Winner's Circle

  • Christopher Tin
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The Recording Academy asked a number of 53rd GRAMMY Awards winners to share their thoughts on winning, performing and simply experiencing the excitement of the telecast.

I suppose I should celebrate my big day at the GRAMMYs, but I've never been one to linger around, enjoying a moment. I usually move on to the next thing pretty quick. My life these days isn't all that different, except that I spend a lot more time doing interviews and talking to reporters. It's something I enjoy, but I'm looking forward to having a little peace and quiet so that I can start composing again.

A lot has been made about my Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) win. The song I won for, "Baba Yetu," was originally written as the theme song for the video game "Civilization IV." I'm told that "Baba Yetu" is now the first video game song ever to win a GRAMMY. That's big news for the game industry. I didn't set out to break down any barriers or become a champion of game music when I wrote the song, but if this award somehow opens up doors for other video game composers to be considered in mainstream music, then I'm glad to have done my part.

What's next for me? I'm not really sure. What do you do after the album that you spent four years composing and producing wins a GRAMMY? Do you summon up the courage to try to do it again? Do I explore other musical worlds, maybe do some more collaborations with some other artists I've met over the years? Do I focus more on my film and video game composing career? Go totally off the board and start writing pop songs? Write a musical?

I don't really know. My life has gotten a lot more confusing since the GRAMMYs, but in a wonderful and sky's-the-limit sort of way. Maybe I can start by finally having a little celebration for myself. Maybe I'll crack open a beer tonight and spend the evening listening to music. That sounds nice.

Christopher Tin won the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) award for "Baba Yetu" and Tin, Christopher: Calling All Dawns picked up the award for Best Classical Crossover Album at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.

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