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  • Celine Dion
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As part of our celebration of Valentine's Day, Celine Dion shares her feelings about the pleasures of singing, and listening to, romantic duets.

I think the duet is like a dance between two partners. It captures the sparkle of an individual performance as well as the magic of togetherness. When two artists share a story through song, it's like a conversation about life, love and feelings. I think audiences enjoy relating to these performances, especially with romantic ballads. It's as if the songs are conversations between themselves and their loved ones.

I've had the privilege and the honor of singing duets with some of the greatest voices of all time, including Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis Presley, Andrea Bocelli, and, most recently, Stevie Wonder. Perhaps the one duet that gave my career the biggest boost in the early days was singing "Beauty And The Beast" with Peabo Bryson. Peabo has such a beautiful voice: soft, yet so powerful. While there was a definite contrast between our voices in our solo parts, when we sang together, our voices became one. This is the true magic that comes with singing duets.

I think audiences love the fact that there are no rules when it comes to singing duets. We've heard father with daughter, woman with woman, country with pop, those who are living with those who have passed, and many other combinations. These beautiful collaborations allow our imaginations to wander without any boundaries, and this makes the duet a very special experience for both fans and performers.

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