Bonus Track: Backstage At The 2011 Vans Warped Tour

Bonus Track: Backstage At The 2011 Vans Warped Tour

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By Katie Cleland
Mountain View, Calif.

The atmosphere at the 2011 Vans Warped Tour in Mountain View, Calif., can only be described as frenetic. Upon entering the festival on July 2, which is like getting the keys to a punk-sponsored city, my first thought was, "Alright, I need to get my bearings, a map and a schedule." After all, the day includes more than 70 bands across seven stages, with countless autograph signing opportunities. I quickly learned that said schedule does not exist, forcing fans to let go, wander the grounds and experience the music all on their own — a very cool concept.

After an extensive behind-the-scenes tour by members of the Vans Warped Tour staff, meetings kicked off with bands, managers, tour managers, and label representatives in an effort to educate artists about The Recording Academy. From membership, the GRAMMY Awards Process and the services that MusiCares and the GRAMMY Foundation provide, to artists realizing that they too can actually vote, everyone I had the pleasure of meeting was eager to get involved.

Jumping back into the hardcore-hungry masses, I eventually picked my way toward what is referred to as Tour Bus Land, the area of pre-stage prep and post-performance respite. It felt like rock and roll summer camp. I passed death metal outfit Winds Of Plague and visited the It Boys' area as the guys set up a DJ rig for that night's gathering.

After individual bus tours from reggae/rock outfit Passafire and pop/rock group Go Radio, I had a better appreciation for artists who live on the road. I greeted members of punk/ska/rock/reggae group the Bots Mikaiah Lei and Anaiah Lei at the MusiCares booth where they volunteered to host an autograph signing.

As daylight faded I made my way out of Vans Warped Tour city, happy the tour campers let me visit their world for the day. The music rocked, the fans rocked harder and I got to chat at length about one of my favorite subjects — the GRAMMYs.

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(Katie Cleland has worked for The Recording Academy San Francisco Chapter since 2008. She has been passionate about music since she heard the first few bars of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at the age of 4. It wouldn't be strange to see her out at least three times a week at local music venues and, to keep up on the latest emerging acts, she also works a few nights out of the month at local venue the Independent. She is eager to continue the hunt for her new favorite band and share the tracks with others.)


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