Best New Artist Nominees: Zac Brown Band

by Clay Cook

So, here we are, a little under a week from "show time." Since last we wrote we've been hunkered down in the studio starting our next album. You know things are moving fast when you're recording a record while celebrating the previous album. No rest for the wicked.

If for some crazy reason we win Best New Artist, I think it's safe to say that it will be the biggest thing that's happened to us, and we've done some pretty cool things this past year. Every single one of us in the band considers this the highest honor in the music business. Music has been a part of each one of our lives longer than any relationship or long-running TV show. This would definitely be the pinnacle. It's great to make an album that 1,000,000-plus people want. Even in times like these, they feel that they need to put their hard-earned money down on the table for it. We're very thankful for that.

But, in this popularity contest, we would be judged by our peers in The Recording Academy, and that would make us feel extra fuzzy on the inside for a very long time.

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