Best New Artist 2007: Carrie Underwood

The Recording Academy asked a few Best New Artist winners through the years to recollect what their experience was like and pass on some words of wisdom to this year's nominees in the category.

I don't remember exactly where I was when I heard that I was nominated for the Best New Artist GRAMMY Award, but I will never forget how the news made me feel.

At the time of the nomination in 2007, I was riding a wave of chaos. I got to go on tour with the American Idols Live tour in the fall of 2005 and then began touring on the road with personal heroes of mine such as Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley. It was truly an Oklahoma girl's dream come true!

There are tons of award shows nowadays, but the GRAMMYs definitely are in a league of their own. The GRAMMY Awards are legendary. They mean something. When you hear artists announced at events, they always say how many GRAMMYs they have or have been nominated for, so no matter who you are or where you're from, you know that they are a massive deal! I couldn't believe it when I heard I was nominated for multiple GRAMMY Awards my first year eligible. And to be named with such amazing! I honestly didn't hold out much hope for the Best New Artist Award. The competition was just too fierce. I was just happy to be there!

But when I heard my name called…all I can remember is being numb from excitement and adrenaline! Since then there have been many awards and I hope that there will be a few more nominations in the future, but you only get one year to be nominated for this amazing award! If I never win another one…I will always have the Best New Artist GRAMMY Award in my cabinet to gaze upon! To future winners of this award…cherish every moment of it! And congratulations!

Bio: In 2005, Carrie Underwood became the first country singer to win on “American Idol.” Since then, she has scored hits such as “Jesus, Take The Wheel,” “Before He Cheats,” and “Cowboy Casanova,” and has emerged as one of the new leading female stars in country music. In addition to her Best New Artist trophy, Underwood has won three other GRAMMYs so far and she is nominated for two more awards this year.

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