The concept of Hi-Res audio has been around for some time and we experienced various format modifications such as SACD and specialized online stores offering enhanced downloads for a “CD Quality” music experience. We are now moving into an era where Hi-Res audio files are available to a larger audience through a myriad of sources.  Subsequently, new gear with the capability to provide playback of Hi-Res audio files is becoming readily available in smartphones and other devices without a cost premium.

The next generation of music lovers may have only heard about CD’s and occasionally caught a glimpse of an album in their parents’ music collection.  We are poised at a critical junction whereby the music industry has the opportunity to potentially generate incremental revenue through the sale of Hi-Res downloads, many of which were previously purchased under older formats.

More importantly, we are at the threshold of introducing new music enthusiasts to a level of sound quality where they experience the sound as it was meant to be.

In the end, we all have our favorite music and we have it because we relate to the words and the sound in a way that is important to us as individuals. We enjoy the sound with enthusiasm because it strikes a chord that allows us to engage in the experience.

We experience this interaction because The Sound Matters!

Let’s bring others along for the ride!


Frank Parrotto is COO of Matrix Advisors, LLC, a Professional Services organization providing strategy and product development services to the Consumer Electronics Industry.


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