Apple Posts Third-Quarter Results

Apple Posts Third-Quarter Results
Apple has posted third-quarter financial gains with record revenues of $15.7 billion, compared to $9.73 billion last year. IPod sales were down eight percent compared to the year-ago quarter with 9.41 million sold, while sales of the iPhone reached 8.4 million, a 61 percent unit increase. The company sold 3.47 million Mac computers, representing a new quarterly record and a 33 percent increase from last year. Available for the first time during the quarter, the iPad sold 3.27 million units. Apple's third-quarter net quarterly profit totaled $3.25 billion, up from $1.83 billion in the year-ago quarter. (7/21)

BigChampagne Launches Music Chart
BigChampagne Media Measurement
has announced plans to launch the Ultimate Chart, an alternative to the Billboard Hot 100 that will track current hits using a combination of sales, airplay and social networking data. Partners in the venture will include Amazon, Facebook, iTunes, MySpace, and Twitter, among others, and the company said it also has plans to develop an Ultimate Chart for independent and "DIY" artists. (7/21)

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