10 Things We Heard At SXSW

  • Lady Gaga
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  • Lil Wayne
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  • Keith Urban
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  • Cee Lo Green
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  • Mary Lambert
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  • Garland Jeffreys
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  • David Fricke
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  • Mickey Hart
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  • Path To A GRAMMY panelists Jeff Greenberg, Recording Academy Chair Christine Albert, Dave Alvin, and GRAMMY-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen

By Crystal Larsen
Austin, Texas

The action at the South by Southwest music festival is fast, furious and constant. Something is seemingly happening every minute of every day. It’s impossible for even the most caffeine-amped attendee to catch it all, or for media outlets to report it all. So to help distill it, here’s a quick list of 10 things we heard during the festival that you may not have heard.

"In the end, [Lou Reed will] always be a friend of mine. All the artistic self and the creativity, that's just one area of his life. I think the life that I was so close to was who he really was as a person. What kind of soul he had. What kind of sweetness he had. But we also disagreed for sure." — Singer/songwriter Garland Jeffreys at the Lou Reed: A Rock & Roll Heart panel on March 13

"I'm not sure if I'm done writing about him. There's still a lot left to learn." — Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke at the Lou Reed: A Rock & Roll Heart panel on March 13

"If I were to have a dinner guest, my favorite dinner guest would be [Greek philosopher] Pythagoras." — Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart 

"Sometimes I introduce myself to the barista [like], 'Hi, I'm Mary Lambert from 'Same Love.'" — Mary Lambert during a performance on March 14

"I'm blown away to be up here with one of my favorite artists of all time." — The Village studios owner and CEO Jeff Greenberg on GRAMMY winner Dave Alvin at the Path To A GRAMMY panel on March 13

"Trust me. If [the GRAMMY voting process] was based on popularity I would not have won a GRAMMY." — Singer/songwriter Dave Alvin at the Path To A GRAMMY panel on March 13

"Be good to yourselves [and] keep Austin weird." — GRAMMY winner Keith Urban following his performance at the Moody Theater on March 15

"I always wanted to go to Vegas and hang out with the contortionists and those kind of people." — GRAMMY winner Cee Lo Green on his Loberace Las Vegas show during a SXSW interview on March 15

"No one's going to remember what you tweeted when you die. … What's going to be remembered [are] those magical moments that you have helped to create." — GRAMMY winner Lady Gaga during her keynote interview on March 14

"Ain't nobody touch that dude." — Lil Wayne on Kendrick Lamar during an interview on March 15

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