Give Fans the Credit - Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Give Fans the Credit” all about anyway?
“Give Fans the Credit” is a campaign to get true music fans the information they want about their favorite tracks, including credits of the songwriters, producers, engineers, and musicians.

Why should I care about music credits?
Great music is about more than just a featured artist or band.  Every great song had a team of professionals behind the scenes that helped bring that song to life.  Those individuals deserve recognition for their work and fans deserve the opportunity to learn who wrote, produced and played on their favorite music tracks.

How do music credits help me as a fan?
Credits in the hands of fans will lead to more music discovery.  The more you can learn about the music you enjoy now, the more likely you are to discover new music you will enjoy in the future.  The producer or songwriter that helped create the song that is at the top of your playlist may have created other music that you will want to add to your music collection.

Why don’t digital music services provide more information about music now?
The move to digital commerce should give consumers MORE information.  But currently, music fans get LESS information about digital music.  The biggest reason that digital music services don’t provide music credits is because they don’t perceive any demand for them.  If music fans demanded more information about who created their favorite music, music services would find a way to provide them.  If music devices can access millions of tracks in the cloud, we can find a way to acknowledge those who created the tracks here on earth.

What can I do to help?
Sign our online petition stating that all music creators should be credited for their work; then share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Together, we can Give Fans the Credit!