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Real music fans want to know who wrote, produced and played on their favorite tracks and all music creators deserve to be credited for their work.  Credits in the hands of fans will lead to more music discovery, as fans will want to know what other songs a songwriter wrote or a producer produced.  Help us convince digital music services to tell fans who made the music they enjoy.

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"Our industry has been crediting the musicians, engineers and other creative professionals who work on recordings for more than half a century, not only to publicly acknowledge their contributions to a project but to educate fans and keep them informed of the tremendously talented individuals and ensembles that further the legacy of recorded music. Sadly, and unfairly, this information is largely being lost in our digital age. Audiences want to know this information, and I fully support The Recording Academy's initiative to "Give Fans The Credit." 

"As a producer and songwriter for many Motown hits, I was privileged to work with the Funk Brothers, Motown's legendary session band. But fans who listen to those songs on digital players don't even see their names. Let's 'Give Fans the Credit' — not just for songwriters like me, but for so many talented musicians who made the Motown sound what it is." 

"When a fan listens to any of my recorded tracks, I am acknowledged, by name, as the performing artist. But when they hear other popular recordings like "Mi Tiara," "Dancing On The Ceiling," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," or "Purple Rain," there is no way for fans to know the names of those of us who also placed our same talent on those tracks. Digital music has made so many amazing technological advances, and I look forward to solutions in resolving this shortcoming in the distribution method so fans may receive more information about the music they love." 

"I'm a producer today because of liner notes. The credits in liner notes are how I first learned who made the music I was listening to. I've always been really inspired by the people behind the glass — the songwriters, producers, engineers and musicians. They helped define my path as a music maker, and as a recording artist." 

"As a songwriter, producer and music fan myself, I love the way technology has allowed us to listen to more music in more places. But without liner notes, fans have no way of knowing who wrote, produced or played on the songs they love. 'Give Fans the Credit' will help music fans learn more about those who created their favorite songs — and ultimately discover more great music."

"One of the most beautiful things about music is that it is a true collaboration of creative forces. I have been blessed to have worked with some of the most amazing Artists, Writers, Musicians and Engineers; ALL OF WHOM deserve credit for their contributions. I love music! I'm a music fanatic! And as a fan, whenever I hear a great song I go crazy and I ALWAYS want to know who worked on it. Even as a young kid growing up in Morocco, this was always so important to me. Digital downloads don't provide that information. "Give Fans The Credit" is a wonderful campaign that will help the fans appreciate the people behind the scenes who help create their favorite and most memorable songs." 

"As a young music fan growing up in Detroit, reading liner notes and credits was an inextricable part of the experience of buying and appreciating music. Knowledge about the participating songwriters, musicians, engineers, producers and studios enhances the bond between artists and fans. It's not surprising that the decline in sales of recorded music mirrors the increasing scarcity of this information. "Give Fans the Credit" is an important campaign that will help restore a heightened sense of value to the purchase of music." 

"I grew up on Top 40 radio; it's what I was exposed to and what attracted me. I loved listening to my older sisters' records, people like the Beatles and all of the Motown artists. But, believe it or not, I was more fascinated by the songwriters: Carole King, Leiber and Stoller, Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Those were my idols. I want the next generation of great songwriters to have the opportunity to discover their musical heroes too. Let’s “Give Fans the Credit” so music fans can be inspired by everyone who works to create great music."