Paul McCartney

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Paul McCartney onstage at Crosley Field, Cincinnati, Aug. 21 1966. The Beatles were originally scheduled to perform at Crosley Field on Aug. 20 but early into the show, while the opening acts performed, a powerful electrical storm rolled in and McCartney had manager Brian Epstein push the promoter to reschedule the show. The only open time to reschedule was the next afternoon before the Beatles and their entourage rushed to the airport to make a scheduled show in St. Louis the next night

(This collection of Beatles photos from the Bob Bonis Archive have never been published nor seen by the public. Bonis, a highly skilled and passionate photographer, also served as the U.S. tour manager for both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones during the Beatles only U.S. tours in 1964, 1965 and 1966 and the Stones’ first three U.S. tours. A treasure trove of his never-before-seen Beatles and Rolling Stones images was recently discovered and will soon begin to be released.)

Photograph by Bob Bonis © 2269 Productions, Inc. Courtesy of The Bob Bonis Archive/

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